T.E.C. 3001

Run,   Rush,   Haste,   Burst
Speed   has   never   been   pushed   this   far.
Jump,   Charge,   Dodge,   Slide
You   just   slipped   and   got   crushed.   You   cannot   handle   T.E.C   3001   yet.
Try   again   until   speed   holds   no   secrets   for   you.

In   T.E.C   3001   (Tesla   Energy   Collector),   you   are   guiding   a   cutting-edge   technology   robot   to   collect   virtual   space   energy   leftovers   for   humanity.   With   great   graphics   and   a   unique   heart   pumping   soundtrack,   T.E.C   3001   has   everything   needed   to   keep   you   on   the   right   track.   Winner   of   the   Indies   Games   Summer   Uprising   2011,   the   game   arrives   on   your   iOS   devices   with   iOS7   ready.
Hooked   Gamers: "It   is   a   real   diamond   in   the   rough,   and   is   arguably   the   best   game   that   Indie   Games   has   to   offer   so   far."


Mash   those   buttonns:   "From   start   to   finish,   T.E.C.   is   truly   a   fun   experience."


The   Last   Save   Point:   "The   game   kept   me   crouched   close   to   the   TV   like   I   used   to   when   I   was   little."


Game   Side   Story:   "TEC   3001   is   a   marvel   of   its   kind."


You   can   find   here   two   versions   of   press   kits.   One   is   small   and   contains   just   basic   resources   and   the   other   is   big.   -   choose   which   one   suits   your   needs.
OtakuDantes   Gaming   Inferno:   "When   I   got   finished   with   my   playthrough   of   the   game   I   found   myself   wanting   more."

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  • Available   from   April   11th   for   PC,   MAC,   and   Linux;
  • Available   for   iOS 6.0   on   Phone  4,   iPhone   4S,   iPhone   5,   iPhone   5c,   iPhone   5s,   iPad,   and   iPod   touch
  • Can   be   found   in   XBOX   Live   Indie   Games
  • Try   it   and   play   it   on   any   device,   anywhere,   with   OnLive   cloud   platform
Two   Best   Friends   Play:   "Fucking   buy   it!"