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atpnet new default

How to install new default+ in Minecraft?

How to install New Default+ 1 Download and install OptiFine HD for an FPS-Boost and smoother graphics. 2 Download the New Default Resource Pack. 3 Launch Minecraft. 4 Go to “Options” > “Resource Packs” > “Open folder”. 5 Move the Resource Pack into the folder. 6 Enjoy the new textures and share it with you friends!

What's new in new default+?

New Default+. New Default+ stays faithful to the default textures while also improving them with more optimized, detailed, and refined textures. It also fixes many issues present in the programmer art & default Minecraft style.

How often is new default+ updated?

New Default+ is updated at the end of every month! Always download the latest New Default+ update for your Minecraft version for the best experience! New Default+ is usable without OptiFine, but many of New Default+'s features require it. New Default+ v1.48 the "Caves & Cliffs Support Update" has been released!

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