Moto Camera 2

Thanks to technology and the invention of the smartphone, taking high quality pictures today is easier than making a cup of tea. Every one of us carries a mini camera in our pockets or handbags. When something nice captures our attention, all what we have to do is tap a button, and with a few more taps we are able to share that video or image with millions of people via the power of social media. The smartphone camera has become an indispensable tool for millions of us. We need it for work, for leisure and even for study.

Of course, all smartphones and their cameras are not created equal. Some are obviously better than others. In the same way, even if you are able to get your hands on a perfect smartphone with a perfect Android camera, you still need a perfect camera app, that will help you achieve the perfect shot, that may very well be the deciding factor in making sure you succeed.

What is Moto Camera 2?

Moto Camera is an app that fits the above profile perfectly. It has been designed specifically for Moto devices, so it knows how to work specifically with the hardware of Moto devices to achieve the best possible shot. The interface is very simple and practical. At the bottom of the screen, you get three options, where you can seamlessly shift between video, photo or other modes. At the top you get the basic settings such as the flash, timer and HDR, and a way to setup advanced settings according to your wishes. There are many other features that make this app stand out from the rest of similar apps in the market.

Special features of Moto Camera 2

Best Shot: When activated the camera takes a number of picture before you click on the shutter button and after you click on the shutter button, and it identifies all the blurred pictures, and ones which are notup to the optimum standard, and presents them to you, allowing you to select the best picture and discard the rotten ones.

Quick Capture: makes sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to snap a picture of a fleeting moment like the perfect sunset, or a flitting hummingbird. All what you have got to do is squeeze your wrist.

Portrait mode: allows you to blur the background around our selfie, making sure that you are the star of the show.

Panorama mode and Group Selfie: allows you to capture a wider area in your shot than ever before.

Automatic QR code scanning: just place the QR code in the field of vision of the camera, and the code will be scanned providing you with whatever information you require.

Best Android TV Camera app

You cannot install Moto Camera app on your Android or Fire TV. Because it is developed only for Motorola devices. There are better Android TV Camera apps like MX Camera, Better Camera, Candy Camera and B612. You can use third-party Android TV app stores like AppLinked or FileSynced to install those popular camera apps.

First download and install FileSynced on your TV Box. Then download your favorite Camera apk to your phone or computer. Then create a free FileSynced store and upload that file. Use your FileSynced code to install your favorite Android Camera app on your Android TV or Fire TV.

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