A Word on Their WordPress Hosting

WordPress is hosting a bulk of websites from every corner of the globe and doing an excellent job at it. Presently, about 35% of the total websites on the internet are WordPress-based.

But, what is WordPress? What makes it so distinguished websphere that its popularity and the user base are increasing with each passing day?

WordPress is what developers call a CMS or Content Management System. It is an open-source software application that is PHP-based. Users can design and manage a website and its content using this versatile CMS.

WordPress has a clean and user-friendly interface that is very easy to understand and operate. You get a ton of plugins and themes that help you build a website and add extra features and functionalities.

There are free as well paid alternatives to choose from a plethora of multi-purpose themes for any website. Similarly, adding more functions and features at the backend as well as front-end is simple by installing and enabling plugins.

A user can create a website for practically anything using this CMS. WordPress provides satisfactory solutions for almost all websites- may it be an eCommerce website, blog or a simple online platform of an organization. 

All these features make WordPress an all-purpose CMS to design and deploy dynamic websites at a very low cost. Being a user-friendly CMS, 

WordPress is very easy to learn and operate. Even for amateurs who don’t know much about coding or web development.

Web hosting providers provide hosting services where you can take your website online. They provide you with a domain name and hosting that gives your website space to store its virtual data on a server and gives it its own unique identity. 

Generally, hosting providers provide users with only a domain name and server space to host their websites on the internet. Beyond that, the users can’t expect much from them. 

The configurations, maintenance, as well as installation of software applications for hosting the website are to be done by the users, all by themselves. It also includes installing and configuring the CMS application like WordPress to assist in designing a functioning website.

It has always posed problems among clients who have little or no knowledge of web development. Users have often found it hard to find and install web applications by themselves, including the CMS. 

The charade doesn’t stop there! Users have to make configurations and adjust settings so that the CMS may align more with their websites. Even though there isn’t much of a problem with that, it still overwhelms some users as they are unfamiliar with the procedures.

Recently, many hosting companies have started offering WordPress hosting and Cpanel hosting to users. This hosting service resolves most of the issues WordPress users have to tackle with generic web hosting services.

WordPress Hosting Service

It is a web hosting service that provides pre-installed WordPress and comes with pre-configured settings for the CMS. The quality and features that come with the service may differ slightly from provider to provider. However, the nature of the service is the same for all. The idea is to provide a plug-and-play platform for WordPress along with hosting.

This hosting is exclusive to WordPress users only and offers immense features to host WordPress websites online. WordPress has endorsed these hosting services that are becoming more and more popular similar to the CMS itself.

MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting

As a rising star among today’s hosting providers, MilesWeb offers an array of hosting services. They have hosting services for almost any requirement that a user may present.

For their WordPress users, they have designed a foolproof WordPress hosting service that is fast and secure. Not to mention it is extremely easy to use for their more general clientele. 

Let’s see what MilesWeb has to offer with its WordPress hosting.

WordPress Preconfigured: You get a pre-installed WordPress CMS with this hosting service. With the installed WordPress, MilesWeb also provides various certified themes and plugins to configure the CMS so that you can easily design and manage your website. All of this so that your website runs at optimum levels and you save your time and effort.

SSD Storage: SSD storage is the fastest memory storage technology in existence. MilesWeb provides its WordPress hosting on servers with SSD storage, enabling high-speed data transfers. According to reports, these SSD storages deliver 200% better performance than HDD drives.

Automatic WordPress Updates: Your WordPress automatically updates itself and other plugins to the latest version. It happens in the backend of the system and, you don’t need to perform the upgrades manually. Additionally, the technical team overlooks the hosting and keeps track of the recent releases of plugins. It also keeps your operation smooth by making sure all the plugins and software are updated.

Free SSL Security: MilesWeb offers free SSL certification for your websites with its WordPress hosting. These certifications are essential as they brand your website as a secure and trusted online platform for users. SSL certifications are costly to procure, making MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting a pocket-friendly option.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting: One of the highlights of MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting is that they fully manage the hosting in the background. They take care of all the technical stuff about hosting maintenance and sorts, while you can focus completely on your website.

Dedicated WordPress Support: MilesWeb provides a support team made of WordPress experts exclusive to its WordPress hosting clients. The team is available on the chat and responds quickly to your queries. Of course, the support is available 24/7 for all days of the year.

Who Should Use WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is tailor-made for small-medium businesses that have a fair amount of online dealings but cannot afford a team to overlook their hosting. MilesWeb has the perfect pricing for its WordPress hosting plans to accommodate these businesses.

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