Hola Free VPN

Hola Free VPN is a VPN service which gives free access to browse all the websites around the world. You can access any of the websites with protecting your identity, through this VPN Service. Hola Free VPN is the fastest VPN service in the market. You can browse any site without lagging and buffering where it saves your time.

Hola Free VPN is a service that you can use in your PC, your Laptop or your Mobile. So it offers you the chance to browse the VPN at any time anywhere. Not only that, through Hola Free VPN you can switch easily to any server in any country locations and can access any website which is given only to those countries.

There won’t be connection loss and you can work keeping a stable connection. There is a super speed browser in Hola Free VPN where you can use that to browse the internet safely through Hola VPN TV.

The specialty of this Hola Free VPN Service is that the user can access websites with minimum requirements and also, they can access the websites which are blocked or restricted. So, it won’t become slow your network speed when you browse.

Hola Free VPN has a user-friendly interface where the users can easily connect to VPN servers. No unnecessary advertisements are popping up and the user can do their exact needs without botherations and barriers.

Special Features in Hola Free VPN

  • Proxy for Business

Hola Free VPN helps to collect data from any website which is needed for the business.

  • Hola Ad remover

The unnecessary ads which bother you can be blocked and continue the work.

  • Hola Accelerator

This boosts your video streaming speed and decreases the buffering time. So you can work fast. Also, you can have a good video experience through this.

  • Hola Premium Version with additional features

⮚Hola Premium Version offers you unlimited browsing through VPN.

⮚Since it uses an end to end encryption method you don’t have to worry about the safety and privacy of your data.

⮚You don’t have to be worried about your Usernames, Passwords, Login Data, Personal Information, IP Addresses and Social Media Accounts.

⮚You can access and stream HD videos and streaming services such as Netflix, HBO etc.

⮚It hides your IP and it does not give your IP out and you can browse anonymously.

By using Hola Free VPN, the user can change his/her location between countries and regions where the Hola servers are located.

There are three subscription plans to buy the premium version.

ØMonthly Plan – $2.29 per month

ØYearly Plan – $14.28 per year ($1.19 per month) Can save 48% of the original cost.

ØThree-year plan – $17.64 for three years ($0.49 per month) this is the most cost-effective way since it saves 79% of the original cost.


  • Is Hola Free VPN safe?

The data is not encrypted in the free version but in the premium version, it uses the end to end encryption method to transfer data.

  • What is the difference between Hola Free Version and Hola Premium Version?

Hola Premium Version offers you unlimited browsing. Since it uses an end to end encryption method you don’t have to worry about the safety and privacy of your data. Yet in the Free Version, the data is not encrypted so there can be a small risk in the free version.

Hola Free VPN service is the fastest VPN service around the world. It is now available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Enjoy the Unlimited super-fast and free access by installing Hola Free VPN.

VPN TV apps can be easily downloadable via Filelinked for Android TV. If you are looking for Play Store alternative, then Aptoide TV is the best option you have.

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