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It is well known and interpreted that humankind is sentimental. Majority of people of all ages Due to been sentimental has and continue to seek to satisfy their sentiments. Sentiments in humans does not vary hugely be it the Gender, age, nationality, or race. Sentiments expressed could be joyous, sad, or angry, or the likes in people.

People in general do like to satisfy their sentiments from time memorial. So as a result, there was a huge scope to innovate ways and means of satisfying people sentiments. Movies were a huge potential in serving what the people were looking to satisfy their sentiments. Movie industry came into play at the start of the 19th century and how well it caught up with people is very evident judging by its growth to date. Having to cater to peoples many sentiments movies were made to meet these sentimental categories called genres.

Within each of these categories numerous different types of movies were made resulting in people having an option of major selection. Realising this, Moviebase was created to make peoples life easier giving them the opportunity of selecting the best movie that they would like by just logging in.

Best Movies and TV shows Tracking application

The movie tracker gives one the option of selecting movies or even TV shows. The Movie finder allows to check on the movie ratings, movie recommendations movie trailers, Movie reviews and many more. It gives you the option of customising the home screen with one’s own card categories.

It builds updated catalogues for reference such as Marvel, universe, or Disney, open movies or TV shows on Netflix, Disney, or Amazon. One could specify one’s taste and likes and the finder will recommend a movie or any other mentioned here as per the tastes and likes specified. You could mark watched content, save favourites in a collection within the movie guide, create customs list featuring movie recommendations, movie ratings, movie trailers and more.

It also helps to find the next airing times of shows. The features are endless. Sort out the lists by title, release date, vote average and recently added. One could refer to the watched episodes in the movie tracker. Get the next airing dates and times alongwith a complete movie guide. You could follow your favourite beloved stars on social media sites through the app. you can also rate the movies and TV shows seen and easily keep track of your favourite TV channels and more.

As if this is not enough, Moviebase also offers to its user if interested to extract run time, genre, certification, release information, original title, production country, company, and networks. So, you would definitely agree that the amazing Moviebase has gone beyond of satisfying one’s sentimental desires.

Download MovieBase for Android TV and Fire TV

This application available for both Android phones and TV boxes. You will find different versions of this application, like Android version and Android TV version. Therefore, make sure to download TV version of instead of phone version. TV version has specially designed interface and functions that work easily with TV remote.

There are many Android TV app stores that offer free Movies and TV shows applications. For example, AppLinked, FileSynced and Unlinked. Those the most popular free movies apps distributing services. Those app stores are maintained by users all around the world. Therefore, you will find awesome sources to watch 4K or higher resolution contents. Click here to download AppLinked.

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