Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Nanny for Your Child Care Needs

If you are interviewing a nanny, then there are certain things that you need to ask her. Questions to ask are important since the nanny may have experience that you do not. You need to determine the experience level and how well she knows how to handle certain situations.

First you need to ask the nanny how many children she takes care of each day. If she does not have any children of her own, she may be experienced taking care of a younger child, or one who is very young. A good nanny will make sure that she does not miss out on any child care responsibilities, such as school pick up, daycare, and after-school activities. She may be an excellent nanny if she is always available.

When interviewing a nanny, you need to ask questions about her knowledge of special needs children. She should know the differences between special needs and average children, for instance. If she does not know the difference herself, she should be willing to talk to you about it.

Next, you should ask the nanny how often she cleans the house. This will need to be done on a daily basis, or at least once per week. The reason why you need to ask this is because some parents like to see the nanny clean their home on a daily basis. Other parents want to see the nanny clean once per week.

During the interview process, you should ask the nanny questions regarding her background and education. You may want to ask about her formal education, or what level of education she currently holds. She should tell you what degree or certification she has so you can evaluate her accordingly. Be sure to ask if she received any special child care training, or if she passed any tests concerning child care. This information will help you feel more comfortable with her during your interview.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a nanny is to relax. It is your interview, and you are the one deciding whether or not this individual will be right for the job. You should feel comfortable asking the nanny any questions that you have. If you do not ask questions, then chances are you will not get the answers that you need to make an informed decision. Be honest in your interview, and you should receive the best nanny possible.

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