Things to know about IPTV

Before you pick IPTV providers, you need to know more about IPTV and what it does. The article will try to demystify what IPTV is all about and why you should try it out. Get the details and then decide what you should do. 

If you are not yet in the media landscape, then you might not be aware of IPTV.  But you may have been a user for several years.  And there is a likelihood that you will stick to using it for the next several years. 

IPTV is growing at a fast rate with new IPTV providersand services coming up alongside the providers of traditional television with more IPTV offerings.  So what is IPTV, and what is it all about?  How is your television watching experience going to improve through IPTV?

What is IPTV?

It stands for internet protocol television. The IP is the same as the one in the IP in your IP address or the one that is in the VoIP. It denotes that the programming for television is communicated through the internet protocol.

For you to understand better what it is all about, you have to have some knowledge of how the non-IPTV works. The satellite or cable television is where the broadcasters have to send signals out with the viewers receiving them. You will only have to watch what is being broadcasted. Unless there is a recording device, you will not be able to dictate when it is on what. You will have to tune in and watch what is being aired. 

IPTV providersdo it differently. Instead of the content being transmitted through fiber optic cables in light pulses, or through a satellite for radio waves, the IPTV can send movies and shows through a standard internet connection. 

Instead of having to broadcast various shows on a specific schedule, most of the IPTV tend to use VOD- video on demand or media for time-shifted.  In all these, there is some complicated architectural network that makes it work, including a lot of having to transcode from signals that are traditional to those that are IPTV friendly.  

What is essential to know is that it is not a must that you watch what is currently being broadcasted.  You have the freedom to tell your IPTV providersto provide you with precisely what you want to watch.  And it will instantly be sent to you.  If you have ever been on a streaming service such as Netflix, then the IPTV uses the same technology but with television instead of syndicated shows and movies. 

Do you require a set-top box when using IPTV?

Because a majority of televisions don’t have IPTV,  you might be required to have a set-top box that can translate whatever you are going to receive over your internet into a format that is readable by your television. 

If you are using your computer, then you don’t need anything to watch IPTV. Immediately you sign in to the service, you can pick whatever you want to stream in any of the available IPTV formats.

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