Threats that can harm your PC

In a world where everyone is trying to find new ways of doing a particular thing more easily, criminals are also finding new ways of invading your data. In the older times criminals used to steal your purse or used to do some more illegal activities like burglary, but nowadays a criminal can invade the personal data of a person by the means of hacking and can directly steal the money from their bank account. This thing can give a big loss to a person without even a trace of the stealer. In this case, a person does not even know what to do or what he should tell the police because the person who is affected does not know what thing has affected him or her. There are many types of new types of attacks like DDOS attacks which can seriously affect your PC. A person should always try to install reliable antivirus software on their PC so that they can protect their data from any type of new threat or which is launched in the market or on the Internet. This thing should be done if a person runs a company or a business because a hacker can steal available data of a company and can sell that data to the competitor of that company which can result in a big loss of the company which is getting hacked.

What is a DDoS attack?

The full form of this attack is distributed denial of service attack. In this attack, a criminal interrupts the normal activities in a server with which is being targeted by the terminal. In this server, there is regular traffic that a criminal wants to target. If a criminal wants to execute this attack, then he or she should have a network of other machines which are connected to this network. The network which these criminals use can contain a computer or any other device which is already affected by the malware. If a device is completely attacked by malware, then the hacker who sent this malware can have full control over that device. The network of these computers which are being affected by malware are also considered as the zombies or the bots of the criminal.

How a DDoS attack can be identified?

There are some symptoms in your system once it is being attacked by this. The most noticeable change or symptom in the system is that the system becomes slower or sometimes can be unavailable for doing any certain type of action. There can be a certain amount of traffic that can be produced from a single IP address. This thing can create a suspicion that the system is being attacked by this malware.

So it can be concluded that a person should hire a paid antivirus software in the system which can ensure the protection of the data. Some people also try to install some free antivirus software but a person should know that free antivirus software does not provide 100% protection to the system. Rather sometimes this antivirus software can also be malware which is produced by a criminal. Therefore, a person should always try to install antivirus software from a trusted company like app sealing.

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