Viva La Social Networking Revolucion

So that they say: “Social Networking isn’t a fad…”

It’s probably the most influential revolution from the century and can continue altering the face area around the globe. Countless connections are now being made basically we speak. Increasing numbers of people are becoming in to the game and therefore are enlarging the field of possibilities for some kind of greater good. The details and figures are here and have to be advised although frequently hammered. Hang on tight because the following facts are indisputable.

About Social Networking generally:

10% of internet time is allocated to social systems.

Visiting Places to waste time has become the fourth most widely used online activity, in front of personal email.

66% the worldwide Internet Population use Social Systems.

Social Networks are formally typically the most popular sites in front of Porn Sites.

In ’09, nine from ten 25-34 years old United kingdom Online users visited a social media site.

1 from 8 couples married within the U.S. this past year met via Social Networking


By This summer 2010 Facebook may have registered 500,000,000 users.

Facebook’s users list will mix the fir billion-mark by 2011!

Greater than 120 million users get on Facebook at least one time each day!

Facebook may be the 3rd most busy website on the planet, when it comes to traffic.

Facebook may be the largest photo-discussing platform with more than 1,000,000,000 photos.

Facebook does not know geographic borders – greater than 70% of their users, that’s greater than 350 000 000 people, are outdoors the U . s . States!

The quickest growing demographic segment on Facebook may be the 35 years-old and upwards one.

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