What are the factors to consider while choosing a mentoring platform?

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Matching mentors might not be accessible because many different variables need to be considered. In the end, matches are only sometimes accurate. For so many reasons, it’s critical to understand that mentor matches are only sometimes ideal, and it’s acceptable to terminate a mentoring connection earlier than your planning. We’ve listed a few significant factors to consider when pairing mentors and mentees in our mentoring platform: AskMe. Consider the following six factors to determine which ones are ideal for you.

1. Onboarding

Are you switching from a manual procedure to another online mentoring platform? You might request the vendor to import current profiles and matches for a seamless transfer. Your vendor should assign a dedicated customer success manager for admin training, which typically lasts 30 minutes. It is best to consider whether it would be beneficial to have a video available for the attendees. The vendor working with your online mentoring platform should also help with integration support and other setup tasks to maintain the mentoring platforms’ smooth working.

2. Program Design

Reviewing the program’s target audience, objective, roles and expectations, duration, anticipated level of commitment, and acceptance criteria are all part of the mentoring platform design process. The vendor might then give you the appropriate matching, structure, training, facilitation, and reporting template based on the program goal (career guidance program, high potentials program, etc.), saving you from designing it yourself,

3. Launch

It is when your mentors and mentees join the mentoring platform by registering in the mentoring software system. During this phase, it might be as light as customers reporting on the platform or with a kick-off event hosted by your customer success manager or a professional trainer.

4. Mentor Matching

There are various options available here. How much you want the matching process to be is totally up to you.

  • Completely automated
  • Should the admin check the suggestions before approving them?
  • Are mentees or mentors in charge?
  • Manually delegated

Who will finish the introduction procedure? You can check these choices if your chosen vendor carries them.

5. Mentor-Mentee Training

Training to be influential mentors and mentees benefits both mentees and mentors, especially—the mentors in a mentoring platform who design the learning environment. Therefore, the content must be expertly crafted, simple to understand (duration and video should be considered), and given to areas where employees spend time (email, teams, slack, mobile). Where initial and continued training are provided, the training should also be ongoing. You can also inquire whether your vendors offer live training with qualified instructors.

6. Relationship facilitation

This section is more frequently disregarded. In some mentoring platforms, mentees will be aware of the questions to ask mentors to obtain knowledge from them. In specific mentoring platforms, however, mentees might need to know what questions to pose to the mentor. In this situation, it’s advantageous that your software provider automatically sends out the agendas and themes for mentorship meetings to foster partnerships. Alternatively, set some time for the mentor and suggest meeting topics. Integration of the calendar and video calls earns extra points.

6. Tracking

  • Will you be seeking information on whether the connections are developing healthily?
  • Are the training finished, the mentoring sessions, and the goals being established?
  • How satisfied are the mentees with their mentors?
  • How satisfied are the mentors with their mentees?

Usually, this information is gathered by hand, but you may opt for online software for better systems running.


Mentoring platforms link knowledge providers and advice seekers, including professionals, students, business owners, and experts. These systems offer voice, video, chat, and calendar tools and facilities to have a fantastic mentoring experience. With the AskMe platform, you may get professional and personal guidance more quickly than ever. Relationships between mentors and mentees can bridge the skills gap and alter lives. Mentoring platforms can significantly impact career trajectories. With the help of these platforms, mentors and mentees can concentrate on particular subjects to ensure customized learning and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Why Choose AskMe as your Mentoring Platform?

  • Direct access to a concentrated group of remarkable, highly sought-after mentors, including bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, professionals of the highest caliber, and specialists.
  • Having access to thousands of Experts / Mentors from our global database of experts, and being able to search for, find, and directly communicate with any of them on a single platform.
  • The AskMe platform also has a rating element, allowing users and mentees to choose based on the reviews and ratings of other mentees.
  • It’s simpler and more convenient for mentors and mentees when there are affordable 20-minute bitesize sessions with transparent and indicated fees.
  • AskMe includes built-in video and audio calling, availability, scheduling, booking calendars, and sending and receiving secure payments in one location.
  • There are no upfront subscription or onboarding fees for mentors and mentees. There are no unstated costs. Only the services that mentees book and use require payment.
  • After deducting a 15% platform charge, mentors will receive remuneration for any sessions they lead.

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